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26 July 2007 @ 05:24 pm
The 25 Percent Solution  
Hey everyone. Just stopping by to share with you guys an amusing (and equally eye-opening) article recommended to me over at The New Republic:

In addition to approving of George W. Bush's job performance, here are some other things roughly one in four Americans believe:

-- The Second Coming will occur this year

-- Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday should not be a national holiday

-- The U.S. has no moral responsibility to help improve the lives of people in poor nations

-- The Jews are responsible for Jesus's death

-- "[S]ome of the unidentified flying objects that have been reported are really space vehicles from other civilizations"

-- Barry Bonds is a good guy

--Michael Crowley

You know, I'm not sure which one of these factoids to be more afraid of. Bush's approval rating v. the second coming occuring this year? Well that's a toughie.

That said, if this group of people and I were ever on the same side of any issue, there'd be some serious cause for concern. They can keep their measley 25 percent -- I'd rather keep my sanity.
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No Power In The 'Verse: GiggaWhat?!trulybloom on July 28th, 2007 08:52 am (UTC)
Really distrubing stuff. How utterly unadvanced we are. Tragic, really. I firmly believe we are well on our way to destroying ourselves - but that's not to say I am in anyway encouraging it be yearning for The Second Coming!

(The only second coming I want involves the two boys on Supernatural!)

OTOH, how many people believe that it's necessary for the security of this country to know the sexual orientation of anyone flying here from Europe. Serious, Homeland Security just made an agreement and they're collecting that information on everyone and keeping it in a database - just in case something gets blown up.

Every day, this administration heaps upon us new horrors - what's it gonna take for the people to finally revolt?