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24 September 2007 @ 05:37 pm
I almost feel sorry for the Whitehouse staff. Almost.  

Bush predicts Clinton will win Dem nomination

Bush also predicts a tough general election race, but said his party will ultimately win the White House.

"I think our candidate can beat her, but it's going to be a tough race," he said. "I will work to see to it that a Republican wins and therefore don't accept the premise that a Democrat will win. I truly think the Republicans will hold the White House."

Seriously, Mr. President? Seriously? Your own party doesn't even want you to touch the race. You'd be committing murder to the campaign of whoever you try to "help," sir.

And he says he isn't playing the Pundit-in-Chief. Pffft. That doesn't top this moment from last Thursday's press conference, though. I think that after I got over the initial horror of it all, it became one of the funniest (or most pathetic. Or both.) things that I've ever seen in my entire eighteen years of life.

I restate what I said yesterday about Tony Snow. If I were him, I would be thanking Jesus that I decided to get the hell out of there when he did. I can just imagine the massive amounts of alcohol Advil that the West Wing staff is taking just to get through the day.

And on top of everything else, an unnamed White House official is calling Barack Obama intellectually lazy. Apparently, in the eyes of the GOP (or of this idiot) - Columbia, Harvard Law, and being hailed as the next coming of Bobby Kennedy are all signs of "intellectual laziness."

Oh, politics.

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veldamorgan on September 25th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
Coming from this administration, "intellectually lazy" is just plain surreal. I hope Bush does campaign for his party's candidates, although it will probably look something like this:

sparkles: 24 || Dwight Quote [text]pennilesspoet17 on September 25th, 2007 02:37 am (UTC)
LOL! That is awesome.
sparkles: Other || Evil Sexy Shitpennilesspoet17 on September 25th, 2007 02:36 am (UTC)
Wow. Well, this is coming from a dude who still thinks there are WoMD, right?


I can't wait to watch the Republican candidates implode (more). Not one of them can afford to align themselves with the current administration, the religious right refuses to endorse any candidate who doesn't meet their insane 'standards', and not one of them has come up with a viable way to get the troops out of Iraq, which is what concerns the majority of the country (granted, the Dems aren't exactly hitting a home run with that last one either).

It's gonna be awesome to see Bush give up his seat to a lady.